Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

Final Fantasy x:x-2

I remember playing this game back when I was thirteen. A friend had just gotten the game and told me to go to his house to try it out. Back then when I first played it, I found it to be an awesome game. I never really got the opportunity to finish it, but now that it was re-released in HD. I decided to give it another go at it and my opinion changed a little bit.


FFX is played as a turn based RPG with a little twist on its combat. This twist that it brings to the table is that each character has a certain kind of advantage on certain enemies. This makes the player switch characters constantly and strategize on how to defeat your enemies, that is if you want to take advantage of their weaknesses. Instead of a traditional level up system, FFX uses something called the sphere grid. This is where the game really shines. Each character has its own sphere grid with its own abilities; however, you can chose to take each character into a different path on the sphere grid in order to unlock certain abilities that will turn your character into a badass. This allows for some really deep customization within your party, giving you the chance to experiment with some really awesome and interesting jobs. There are a wide variety of mini games and side quests within the game. The biggest mini game is blitzball. Which is a weird sport that is similar to soccer, but you are underwater. The way that this mini game is played makes FFX more of a hassle and just makes it feel uncomfortable.


I personally found the story to be quite lacking. A group of characters have to protect this girl Yuna and help her complete her pilgrimage in order to rid the world of an evil thing called Sin. The journey is nothing special, you go from town to town and into temples where you solve some puzzles so that Yuna can unlock a new summon. There’s also a love story that I found to be terrible, and a conspiracy arc that was probably the most interesting arc in the game. The characters are pretty bland and somewhat annoying. I found them to be pretty uninteresting with the exception of Auron, a character who already went through a pilgrimage in the past. As for the other characters, there just isn’t anything that makes them interesting; their personalities are almost nonexistent thus making them boring, the little character development that is in the game I thought it added nothing to these people’s personalities.


Being an early PS2 game, FFX looked amazing even then and it’s still one of the best looking games on the PS2. When I first played it, the graphics were really awesome and they still hold up pretty well in the PS2. Being remastered in HD, the graphics look even better, they look colorful and beautiful and the characters look just great in HD. The only thing that really bothered me is that when they remastered it they only focused on the main characters, so it makes the game look weird when you are looking at other characters within the game. This being said the stuff that they did focus on remastering looks really good.


One of the highlights of the game is its music. The soundtrack of FFX is simply one of the best there is. There are many great songs within the game that range from a catchy battle theme, to a beautiful main theme “to Zanarkand” and many more. While its music is one of the best in video game history. The voice acting is simply terrible, shows little to no emotion and it doesn’t help it either that the characters have no personality. The one character who seems to bring out the most emotions is the main character, Tidus and even then he’s still pretty bad, since he always sounds like he is whining and makes him annoying.

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I highly recommend this version of Final Fantasy X for people who never played the original one or even if you just want to play it again in a higher definition. The game not only looks beautiful, but gives the player a great experience from start to finish. Even though the story isn't so great and the characters lack personality. The gameplay, music and environments should be enough to keep you going till the end.

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  1. marfloress 28 April, 2014 at 18:20

    This review was really interesting but I had to disagree on some things. The biggest mini game you mentioned, the blitzsball, is a weird sport that they play – that I agree. But I really don’t think it a hassle playing it and makes someone “uncomfortable”. It was very easy to play with and the idea of using a sport in FF was genius! I was really upset when the lowest score was the story. The story in my opinion was amazing! One of the best if not THE best in all the Final Fantasy series. The story was very unique and let’s not mention the best selling FF which led them to make a sequel of how good of a game and story it was (making it the only sequel Final Fantasy has ever made) Yes I admit sometimes the game was slow, but overall it was awesome. The characters are all my favorite. The only unnecessary character was Kimahri in my opinion. Maybe the voices were somewhat annoying, especially Tidus, but that’s what gave them emotion and personality. The love story was so good though! I know you’re thinking I am just a typical girl, but no. It was so good that one of the reasons they had to make a sequel was because some people were mad/uspet about the ending of the love story. In the end *spoiler alert* Tidus disappears when Yuna defeats sin, making it seem like he never existed in her life. He had to go back to Zanarkand, leaving Yuna her loved one. That is not the typical ending to a love story. The sequel I have to admit was not that great and not really worth playing. Although the story has two endings, we all know how it pretty much ends. I can’t tell you much about the graphics but all I know is that if it was amazing then, it pretty much is more amazing now. I haven’t played the new version but from the technology we have today they must’ve done a pretty good job and the best they could. The music was really good too and they definitely knew what kind of music to put in each scene. Overall, this review was a little upsetting. You’re forgetting the main idea in my opinion. This is one of the best Final Fantasies that there ever was. The characters didn’t lack personality but were all so original which is the best part. We can all relate to one of them because of how different they are. Anyways, we all have different opinions!

    • Miguel Salmon 29 April, 2014 at 14:49

      That’s a good point of view. I haven’t played Final Fantasy X or X-2, and yes I know I’m missing out. I did get this version for the PS3 and I’m still at the beginning. I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and play it for hours, so I can’t really say much about the story line. I’ve only gotten to the part where you meet Wakka, so I’m pretty far behind. The voices in the game do get a bit annoying and whinny, but I can get over that. The thing I didn’t like is how they did the HD “Remaster. ” To me it looks weird when the main characters look all HD and the other characters in the game look like they did 13 years ago. If they’re going to do a “Remaster” it should be done right throughout the game. Maybe I’m just being picky, but thats just my opinion. They also did the same thing with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Other than that, I will find the time to enjoy the game and look past its flaws.

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